Jillie Millie Jewellery - From the Himalayas with love....
About Me

Hand crafted silver jewellery designed and made in the Himalayan Kingdom Of Nepal

My name is Wendy Pinker and I live in Bristol, UK. 
15 years ago I made a journey that was to change my life in a way I could never have expected!  I bought a ticket to Nepal.
When I arrived I was scared ... it was dusk and I couldn't see anything through the thick smog and dust ... oh my goodness what had I done ... and I had to spend 2 weeks here!!
 A young waiter told me about a place called Pokhara and soon I was on my way there!!!
  Pokhara is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas ... surrounded by rolling green hills back with white mountains ... and a lake ... as big as I had ever seen ... I had landed in heaven and I was happy.
 I soon made friends both Nepali and western.  Then one morning the owner of my guest house offered to take to me to his village ... of course I accepted ... I wanted to see more ... much more!
The village was remote and I was made so welcome ... while I was there I saw a small building and I asked what it was ... I was told that it used to be a school but due to no funding it was now shut and that the children of the village had no education ... it made me feel so sad and so privileged that we in the Western world didn't have those kind of worries ... I immediately offered to come back a year later with funds to get the school going again ... oops what had I done now!!!
Eight years later by many twists of fate I had not only managed to get the school up and running but had also opened a blood transfusion clinic for over 100 children suffering with bone marrow cancer (Thalassaemia).
I now have a beautiful 4 year old son of my own and we live together in Bristol where I continue to raise all the funds to keep my little clinic open.
 I visit Nepal every year for a few months where I sit for days and days on end in the beautiful, vibrant and colourful surroundings of one of the most stunning countries on earth and design the beautiful jewellery you see on these pages ... that’s why we call it Jillie Milllie ... from the Himalayas with love x
The making and selling of Jillie Mille products helps to support about 2000 people ... the families who make it, the workers and of course the children and families of the clinic.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for looking at my jewellery and hope that you will enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoy designing it.
With love Wendy 

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