Jillie Millie Jewellery - From the Himalayas with love....

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Jillie Millie takes its name from the Nepalase meaning for "multi coloured". Our range of unique jewellery is hand crafted by a jewelling family called "Tamaraka" in Kathmandu.   The Tamaraka have been artisan jewellers for hundreds of years passing their skills and knowledge to the next generation. Local families  work at home allowing every member of the family to contribute, creating a better standard living for hundreds of people in Kathmandu.  

There are also several pieces which are then duplicated by hand and make up the Jillie Millie Signature Range.

The silver is 92.5 sterling silver and the stones are semi precious.

Stones include:
Rose quartz
Smokey quartz
Clear quartz
Mother of pearl
Abalone (shell) 

10% of our profits go towards our Blood Transfusion Clinic that provides medical care for children in Nepal suffering from Thalassaemia - a rare form of bone marrow cancer.

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